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After Care for Mattress Cleaning

It is common for people to ignore their mattress when it comes to spring cleaning. Vacuuming your mattress or cleaning your linens will not address the problem of contaminants that are left on your mattress. A lot of particles build up on our mattresses that can cause allergy symptoms. We have special products that break down contaminants from your body that are on the mattress.

Dead skin is a prime source of food for dust mites. These insects leave urine and feces behind which is a large cause of allergy symptoms. After treatment we rinse with a effective product that carries away contaminants. We have an Allergy treatment(which is an additional cost) is an inhibitor for allergy symptoms. This procedure must be repeated every 6 months for maximum effectiveness. Some stain and odor removal may be additional.

Mattress Cleaning and Protective

Your mattress has just been professionally cleaned, please follow these instructions.

  1. A mattress takes approximately 2 to 8 hours to dry. The weather, how soiled and what type of mattress you have will determine how long it takes to dry.
  2. When it is cold out, turn on your heater, close all windows except one in the appropriate room, leaving it slightly open.
  3. If we are having nice weather, leave windows and doors open. The more air circulation the faster the mattress will dry, so use a fan to speed the drying process of you mattress.
  4. You may, however, rotate the mattress every few hours to aid in uniform drying.
  5. Do not sleep or sit on your mattress until completely dry.
  6. Most of all, enjoy your freshly cleaned mattress.
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