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Stone and Tile Cleaning and Sealing

Pre-Inspect the Stone or Tile Areas to be Cleaned - We walk through the areas looking for loose stones, tiles or missing grout.

Readying Stone or Tile Area to be Cleaned - Mask off all stainless steel appliances for protection.

Emulsify Stone or Tile Area to Clean - Use appropriate detergents to work the product into the floor that will release dirt, oils and soluble stains. Taking special care to treat all edges and tight areas.

High Pressure Rinse of Stone or Tile Area Cleaned - Thoroughly rinse the floor with heat and pressure to remove all dirt and build up residue, leaving the floor in a like-new condition.

how to prepare for stone or tile cleaning

After Care For your Stone and Tile

Please follow these instructions for stone and tile cleaning.

  1. Your floor with take approximately 2-6 hours to dry.
  2. The stone or grout may have a darker appearance because of the absorption of water and will return to it's natural color as it dries.
  3. Place a towel in the transitional areas to avoid the risk of slipping.
  4. If weather permits open windows or doors for a quicker drying time.
  5. Keep your stone and tile clean with water only and dry immediately with a towel.
  6. For heavily soiled areas use products specially designed for your floors which can be purchased through us.

Please follow these instructions for stone and tile sealing.

  1. Avoid contact with freshly sealed floors for approximately 6 hours to allow full penetration of sealant.
  2. Do not replace rugs or decor items until floors are completely sealed and dry. (Approximately 6 hours)
  3. Wear protective footwear in sealed areas.
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