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Carpet Cleaning and Protective

Pre-Inspect Carpet Area to be Cleaned - We walk through and inspect the rooms you would like to have cleaned and you point out the stains or areas of most concern.

Pre-Vacuum Carpet Area to be Cleaned - The carpet will be vacuumed to remove as much loose debris as possible, paying close attention to the edges and baseboards.

Pre-Conditioning Carpet Area to be Cleaned - The carpet will best respond to cleaning when carpet has a application of a pre-conditioner designed to break down spots and encapsulate soil so it may be flushed out of the carpet down deep.

Final Rinse Carpet Area to be Cleaned - With the carpet prepared we are ready to flush and rinse the carpet by extracting loose debris and trapped stains.

Re-apply Carpet Protective to Area that was Cleaned - Carpet protective is an additional investment that will help ensure and reinforce the stain resistance of your carpet.

how to prepare for carpet cleaning

After Care for your Carpet

  1. Place a clean towel at all entryways into the house. Place a clean towel at all hard surfaces that will be walked on, such as kitchens and bathrooms, etc. Note: Do not place towel directly on carpet.
  2. Carpet takes from 6 to 48 hours to dry. The weather, how soiled and what type of carpet and the amount of air flow you have will determine how long it takes to dry.
  3. When it is cold out, turn on your heater, close all windows except one, leaving it slightly open.
  4. If we are having nice weather, leave windows and doors open. The more air circulation the faster the carpet will dry.
  5. Do not walk on carpet in bare feet or shoes: clean white socks or provided booties are best.
  6. Do not move furniture back for 24 hours.
  7. Leave pads and blocks underneath furniture for 24 hours.
  8. Vacuum carpet in 3 days.
  9. Most of all enjoy your freshly cleaned carpet, and do not forget our 30-day spot guarantee!

After Care for your Carpet

Not all stains are water soluble. There are professional products and techniques to remove these stains. We guarantee that these stains if they have been completely removed will never come back. The stain removal procedures may be an additional fee. We also remove pet odor and pet stains. Pet odor is removable by finding the source and neutralizing it. Pet stains may or may not be removable depending on the type of carpet, the length of time the stain has been there and what you, the client, have attempted to treat the stain with. Results may vary on a case by case basis. These treatment are an additional fee.

Allergy Relief Treatment

If you suffer with allergies, there is a treatment that will help inhibit your body's response.

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